Barren of cognitive stimulation and encouragement, these environments create a tragic cycle of intellectual stagnation. I’ve met countless students who by age 15 had never seen a live earthworm. Some reach my class believing dinosaurs are fictional characters along with Godzilla or Superman. Others have heard neither Bach nor Black Sabbath.

The president is going to mention education reform in his state of the union address tonight. He intends to put .4 billion into a dysfunctional system. All the money in the world will not fix this broken way we attempt to teach our children.

It’s especially timely, too. March 2 is the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day, a celebration of reading, aptly on the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Here in Boston and around the country, schools and libraries will bring together children and books.

According to the office of Family and Public Engagement, the purpose of the meeting was to open a dialogue about addressing concerns such as grade configuration options, and to decide what will need to be done in order to implement a plan for great schools in Ward 5 that will be successful.

Current trends in education “reform” rely heavily on teacher-bashing, and on claims about the supposed failure of public schools that would put Chicken Little to shame. Wealthy individuals and corporate interests spend millions of dollars on media to denigrate public schools and undermine the professional reputation of public school teachers.

The Democrats have done the “correct” thing in every election since they lost the south to the Christians: They’ve ignored the non-believers and progressives completely because there was no political benefit in paying attention to them.

We progressives have been polite and quiet for decades. We’ve practiced a policy of “live and let live” while our rights were taken away. We’ve continued on with our lives because it wasn’t our house going back to the bank. We’ve kept our accounts with Bank of America even though we knew they defrauded us out of mind boggling amounts of money. We’ve declined to talk about politics or religion while FOX News has been pouring propaganda across every waiting room in America.

District staff, with the twinkling collaboration of the majority local board of education, preached this sermon to parents, businesses, community members, and KIDS, for two solid years; if we don’t get some more money things are going to get real bad- so bad we are going to direct our reindeer to steer this R1 sleigh off a cliff- we will eliminate teachers that impact learning, we will eliminate programs that have educational value, and those fees that parents are swindled into paying- they will continue to increase.