Let’s get some perspective here. Some kids know more about the destruction of tropical rainforests than about the woods in the park down the street. “Save the elephants! Don’t buy Ivory soap!” was seen on a poster at one school. There is rational fear and being informed, and there is unnecessary ignorance and paranoia.

Referring to the Olympics, Romer quipped that “We’d be first in the world” if Americans paid as much attention to education as they do to sports. America “wouldn’t be on the podium” if medals were given out for math or science achievement.

The Crenshaw campaign instituted a tremendous voter contact program and volunteer ground game. Being short on both time and money in a heavily Democratic district, we decided to focus all of our efforts on likely voters.

They could have just said this: we will make everyone suffer and your children will forfeit their visit from Santa until you give us adults more money.

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have the solution to healthcare reform and doctor shortages rolled into education reform. Just stock up on bandages and castor oil and it will be alright.

While real issues, they are not issues that can be finally solved through the public school system or legislated away. They simply must be dealt with. And deal with them we do through a myriad of programs.

J.C.:The best part is forecasting where I grew up and being in an environment where the weather is always changing. New Englanders LOVE talking about the weather, good or bad. The most difficult part is forecasting in an environment where the weather is always changing! We have marine and mountain influences that can make forecasting quite a challenge.