Shouldn’t it be us the parents, guardians, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, or anyone who cares, to step up to the plate? We can not blame our teachers as a whole for the problems in the school system. Many of our children are out of control. They have no displine or perhaps no love from the ones they need it most.

Naturally, I do things like recycle, buy less, and take public transit. Living in downtown DC is a great way to go green. Limited square footage keeps any desire to buy “stuff” in check, and living a block from the Metro is a dream.

Rethink your own attitude about being outdoors. Feel the rain on your face. Eat in the back yard. Check out that bug before you step on it. Comment on the sunset. Avoid the sarcasm when you recycle, conserve energy and talk about going green. These actions will rub off on your kids.