Vacation to parks and diverse natural places. It’s a wide, diverse world! It doesn’t have to be about golf, spas, roller coasters, and sports (not that there’s anything wrong with them!). See the mountains, beaches, plains, deserts, wetlands, badlands and forests. Try fishing, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, zip-lining, glacier walking, snorkeling, meteor crater checking, climbing into the rainforest canopy, and caving. Visit nature centers and museums. Many of these places have fine hotels and restaurants in addition to fabulous activities.

The Crenshaw campaign instituted a tremendous voter contact program and volunteer ground game. Being short on both time and money in a heavily Democratic district, we decided to focus all of our efforts on likely voters.

B. Make pre-service training longer. The student should observe for one year, teach for one year on his/her own, before allowing the student to graduate. A semester is not sufficient. It does not cover the whole gamut of teaching experience that will engender a love for it or a hatred for it. The student can then decide whether or not teaching is what he/she really wants to do.