I wrote about the education of Barak Obama, then a candidate. Let’s now look into Sonya Sotomayor’s education. Like Obama, she does not have a privileged background. Born and raised in the Bronx by immigrant parents, her father dies when she was 9. She goes to Blessed Sacrament School in Soundview, and then to parochial Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx. Just like Obama, Sotomayor is not a product of public school system.

Pick up some litter. In your front yard, in the vacant lot, at school, in the super store parking lot. It makes the place look better, it’s free, good exercise, and shows you care. You could work with the family, make a special project, or just stoop a moment along your daily routine.

A. Give writing tests, interviews, and background checks. Admission to the college of education should be tougher than any department, after all teachers are going to be dealing with CHILDREN – THE FUTURE – OUR FUTURE.

The best approach is to think about others who ARE worse off than you are! Studies show that children are the poorest population in the us. Children need attention, role-models, and heroes. Where can you find them? In schools! Call the school and volunteer. It will only cost you time and caring – assets of which you have plenty.

What if my parents had squashed my budding interest in bugs? What if they had forbid me to listen to rock music? I sure wouldn’t be teaching science and playing heavy-metal guitar to raise money for public education.

What we need is a nationwide, grassroots movement to force education reform. It’s time to be preparing students to be the future leaders of America and we need to be teaching them the needed skills.

We need to wake up people. Take the bull by the horns and make serious changes in our lives. We’ve become stagnant and lazy in our everyday lives. Many of our children run amok and have no resposiblities. They don’t know the value of life and most have no feelings of self-worth. All they think about is where to get the next drink of alcohol or drugs to get high. Their moral attitude is down the drain. Their always looking for the next party so they can try to forget their troubles.